Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus Review

Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus Review
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The Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus is probably overkill for most consumers, but if you are looking to make really big batches of food, or happen to be a soap maker, then this very high-quality commercial unit might be just the hand blender you are looking for.  For much more information about the WSB40 and what we and others think about it, please keep reading.

Features & Specifications

The WSB40 is marketed by Waring as a “moderate” duty hand blender, but by all practical measures – especially from the perspective of a consumer – this thing is a beast!  It comes equipped with a big 350 watt motor that produces 1/2 horsepower and rotational speeds at the blade of 18,000 RPM.

The blade and long, 10-inch shaft are fixed (not detachable) and composed of high-quality stainless steel that is extremely durable. You can control speed with a 2-speed hand switch, and the handle has a nice rubberized grip for a secure hold – which you will need when this thing fires up!

This is by no means a compact hand blender, measuring 22.4 inches long in total.  It’s also quite heavy given its large motor and long, high quality shaft and commercial-grade components.  Fortunately though, it comes with a long 9-foot power cord to match its power and size.  Oh, the WSB40 has a 6-gallon capacity – soup anyone?

WSB40 Reviews & Ratings

At the time of this writing, the WSB40 has a perfect 5-star average approval rating on amazon.com based on 11 user reviews.  While such a stellar user rating needs no explanation, it’s worth looking into these reviews to see exactly what people are using this model for and what they said.

5stars“have tried it so far on lobster bisque, split pea, and white chicken chili. It is big and fast. Will smooth a stock pot eight inches deep in less then two minutes. This is a big powerful tool, You would not use it to make a milk shake in a glass.”

5stars“This thing is HUGE — not for the faint at heart – will require something with a large bottom to run in – I use a 4 qt container with a square bottom, 2 or 3 will work as long as the bottom is wide and the sides are tall. The power on low is more than is needed in any home kitchen. Clean-up is easy.”

Interestingly, several of the reviewers indicated that they were using the WSB40 for making batches of soap.  For example, here is one such happy user’s comment:

5stars“I use this bad boy for soap making and I could not be happier with it. I have had it for about 2 months now and after about 20 batches of soap, I have to say it is far superior to any stick blender made for home use.”

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Price and Value

Although the list price is definitely steep, the WSB40 is currently selling for just under $200. And while this may seem tough to swallow compared to your average blender, we have no trouble saying that the WSB40 is a steal at this price point.  This blender is nearly bulletproof and comes with commercial-grade components that we are confident will stand up to pretty much anything you can throw at this monster.  Indeed, considering how long you will likely have this blender working for you, it’s actually very inexpensive in our opinion.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

The Waring Commercial WSB40 Quik Stik Plus is not for the average consumer, given its large size, weight and likely unneeded power.  As one user mentioned above, this is not the kind of blender you’d use for making a smoothie in a shake cup!  Nevertheless, if you want it, for example, for preparing large batches of soup stock, or making soap, then we can’t think of a tougher, stronger or overall better option for the price.

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