Frigidaire Professional Immersion Hand Blender Review

Frigidaire Professional Immersion Hand Blender Review
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The Frigidaire Professional (model no: FPIB10B7NS) is a newer, very sophisticated-looking immersion blender that is getting great reviews, and seems to have all you can ask for in a top-notch hand blender selling in the neighborhood of $100.  But what’s the scoop – is it all flash and no guts?  Please read on for our take on this new stick blender, and to hear what others are saying about it.

Features and Specifications

The most obvious feature of the FPIB10B7NS is its good looks.  The two-tone stainless steel and satiny metal finish, along with the long neck and sleek styling really give this immersion blender the edge in the design department. However, this blender’s value is definitely not skin deep.

This blender uses a particularly generous 10-inch blending shaft that provides more reach than the average model – this is something you’ll learn to love, especially when cooking/mixing with large, deep cookware.  In addition, the unit is powered by a strong 200 watt motor that drives a 3-pronged “tri-blade” that is designed for even blending.

And this blending power can be manipulated with precision, thanks to variable speed control (a total of 9 settings) – in addition to a “turbo” button that provides maximum speed when a burst of power is desired. Each purchase comes with a chopper unit; a dual whisk accessory; and a large blending pitcher for extra flexibility.

Other nice features include an LED speed indicator and a convenient wall mounting bracket for easy access and clutter-free storage.  This blender can handle a variety of foods, from crushing ice to making velvety smoothies, soups and smoothies.

Reviews & Ratings

Although relatively new, the Frigidaire Professional has already earned an average satisfaction rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars based on 18 reviews on

Nearly all of the reviewers agreed that this model was a significant step up in quality and caliber compared to other models they’ve used. Some considered this model to be commercial quality and many other found it to be more powerful compared to other blenders with more than twice wattage.  As a result, users were impressed at how quickly and effectively it blended a variety of foods, including frozen items:

5starsI often make smoothies for me and the kids. We use fresh fruits but also a lot of frozen strawberries and raspberries. This eliminates the need for ice. But my previous blenders have had trouble with the frozen strawberries. The Frigidaire had no trouble and blended them up without hesitation.

The only truly negative comments came from a user who apparently received a defective product.  Other reviewers remarked that the unit was a bit pricey, and another user commented that the blender had to cool down after 30 seconds of continuous use.

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Price and Value

The Frigidaire Professional is clearly a pricier option than any of the Cuisinart models we’ve reviewed.  However, it is also better made, can blender tougher foods, and is much better looking in our opinion.  It also has a sturdier, more quality feel and we think the longer shaft is a real bonus for those preparing food in larger batches where deeper/larger cookware is involved. Consequently, given its substantially better design and increased food processing capabilities, we think its heftier price tag is justified, particularly when you consider its probably longer operational life.

Frigidaire Professional Immersion Hand Blender

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

The Frigidaire Professional Immersion Hand Blender is in our opinion really “professional” compared to most of the less expensive and more popular blenders available.  This model not only looks like a serious tool, but is one, combining higher-quality components; a long immersion-reach; variable control; an innovative tri-blade design; and meaningful accessories.  If you want a hand blender only for casual, light duty, then this may be more than you need; however, if you want something that you can really challenge with a broad application in the kitchen, this model should not disappoint.

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