Bamix Gastro GL200 Pro-3 Immersion Blender Review

Bamix Gastro GL200 Pro-3 Review
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If you can’t tell, we are fans of Bamix, the Swiss company that invented the immersion blender back in 1950.  And, like the DeLuxe M150 we recently reviewed, the Bamix Gastro GL200 Pro-3 is another ultra-high quality unit that does not disappoint.

Like its smaller brother, the Pro-3 is also composed of high-quality steel and other odorless, tasteless and durable components that will last for years of frequent use.  Nevertheless, this model is longer and stronger, and a bit bulkier and heavier as a result.  Please read on for more information and our thoughts and recommendations.

Gastro GL2oo Pro-3 Specifications

The first thing you’ll note about the Gastro is its much longer shaft compared to the M150, which alone is about 11 inches long including the blade attachment. Consequently, you can easily reach down to blend mixes, shakes and other foodstuffs in very deep containers.

In addition to the longer shaft, this model comes with a slightly more powerful 200 watt motor that comes with 2 speed settings. The lower speed can reach blade revolutions of 12,000 RPMs, while the higher setting can reach 17,000 RPMs.  Needless to say, with these rotational speeds, you can expect very silky-smooth dips, soups, smoothies, etc.  Each unit comes with a multi-purpose chopping blade, whisking blade, and a beater blade attachment.  Also included is a convenient wall-mounting bracket that allows quick access and easy storage.

If you are a Bamix fan, you’re not alone – it’s also the hand blender of choice for Gordon Ramsay:

Reviews & Ratings

As of the date of this writing, the Gastro GL200 has received 11 user reviews on and holds an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.  However, what exactly are people saying about it?

As expected with Bamix blenders, users gave the unit high praise for overall build quality and performance, with one user referring to this model as a “workhorse,” and the “Cadillac” of immersion blenders.  Others commented on the longevity of these hand blenders generally, and reported replacing previous Bamix units they had bought 20 and 10 years earlier!  In addition, several users indicated they appreciated the longer shaft of the GL200, which allowed easier access into various cookware, but some people found it a bit larger and heavier than they expected as a result.  The lowest review was a 3-star, in which the user complained about this unit’s price.  However, another user put this price issue into perspective, we think:

5stars[Bamix Blenders] are not cheap by any measure but what you get is definitely the cadillac of blenders. The GL200 Pro is exactly that, a professional model with a long neck, powerful motor, and accessories to meet practically every need.”

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Price & Value

Bamix blenders are anything but cheap.  Indeed, this is often the only significant complaint among reviewers of these models, including the Gastro GL200.  But as we’ve said before, for those who do a lot of cooking and expect to put some miles on a stick blender, this unit (currently selling for less than $200) is a fairly-priced piece of hardware that will likely outlive most other hand blenders.  The numerous users who report using their Bamix for several years – and even decades – speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of these blenders.

Concluding Thoughts & Opinions

As we said before and has been mentioned elsewhere, the Bamix hand blenders are generally a cut above the rest of the class and consequently carry a premium.  Nevertheless, we think that the cost is easily worth it, especially if you intend to use your stick blender routinely and want to have it around year after year.  Unlike many of the more aggressively-priced models you will find, these Bamix units are very well made and designed to work much harder and longer than most.  And we particularly like the Bamix Gastro GL200 Pro-3 Immersion Blender for its longer shaft, which makes working with deeper cooking/mixing-ware very convenient.  However, if you want a smaller, more compact and lighter blender, than we suggest you stick to the M150 DeLuxe or something similarly-sized.

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